Zenergy Stage 1: Discovering Collective Intelligence

Zenergy Stage 1: Discovering Collective Intelligence is a 3.5 day training programme based on The Art of Facilitation by Dr Dale Hunter, where you will build your whole person foundation as a facilitator. You will leave with a new toolkit and real time feedback on your skills as a facilitator, and a

deepen appreciation of the power of collective intelligence.

Book now to:
- Create a group purpose and move the group forward to achieve it
- Create and apply a safe and empowering group culture.
- Deepen your understanding of the role of facilitator and the stages of group development.
- Be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours and work effectively with conflict.
- Recognise and work with different energy levels.
- Increase the effectiveness of meetings and the power of decision making.
- Increase team engagement, collaboration and creativity.

Learn more and sign up at:

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Via degli Scopi, 19, 61030
Pesaro e Urbino
01 Maggio , Martedì 08:00

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 31 Dicembre , Lunedì
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