The TomBoys (punk rock JAP) + RHC martedì 27 febbraio @Taun


The Tomboys + RHC (Reversed head chicken)

THE TOMBOYS ザ・トムボーイズ are a young 4-piece girl band from Kobe, Japan that take classic rock sensibilities and style and mash them up with modern-day pop music in a delightfully-sweet powerpop s'more that is taking Japan by storm!

After recovering from the minor identity crisis, the four girls comprising the newly-christened Tomboys made their way to London to record with producer Glen Matlock (former member of the Sex Pistols!!)
While in London, The Tomboys played their first show abroad, sharing a bill with Glen Matlock himself!
By any measure, this is a resounding success! The girls are ecstatic at their newfound popularity!
The recording they did in London was pressed to shiny plastic and released by Village Vanguard this August, and they are now touring across Japan to support the album!
Who knows what other amazing things are in store for our heroes?! Well… while they’re waiting to find out, The Tomboys are going to keep on rocking… leaving a trail of happy faces and blown minds in their wake!

RHC Reversed Head Chicken: Stooges-driven compulsive garage punk.

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27 Febbraio , Martedì 10:00

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