Ski 'n' Swing at Swing Train Festival Turin 2018

First off: I have absolutely nothing to do with the organisation of the Swing Train festival. See If you have questions for them, then find their contact details from their website / Facebook groups.

Last year I went skiing and snowboarding in Cesana Torinese

for a week before going to the Swing Train festival. Here's some photos:

I'm going to do the same in 2018, so thought I'd open this up to anyone else who wants a bit of ski 'n' swing. IF there's enough of a group that want to go, we may be able to get group discounts at hotels, meals, equipment and any lessons at the ski resort. We may also be able to organise an aperitivo and a dance social at the resort.

Obviously you don't have to stay for all the days, just sort yourself out for how long or short you want the trip. And if you don't know how to ski or snowboard, just get some lessons whilst you are out there.

I went last year, and it's incredibly easy, quick and relatively cheap to get to the Cesana ski resort.

I went from the UK and this is how I organised it:

I ordered flights from SkyScannner, and flew with Blue Air from London Luton and returned via British Airways.

I made my booking through, which seemed to have the most accommodation on their site.

When I arrived in Turin, I took the train to Oulx / Gare TGV. I ordered this through the Trenitalia website and administered it on their app. I then took a bus to Cesana which I ordered through On arrival I could easily walk to my accommodation. It is not a long transfer and the scenery is incredible.

I then took the bus and train back to Turin, had a look around Turin and then did the workshops.

So, if you want to organise stuff yourself, go ahead and post that you're up for it here. We may be able to club stuff together / organise additional things.

I'll race you to the bottom of the mountain.

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