Sicily Fly in

I live part of the year in beautiful Sicily and am a member of a warm and welcoming local flying club at Marina di Modica. We are organising an international fly-in on 22-24 September, details of which are attached. For those who can't speak Italian, I would be happy to provide any information required.

The fly-in is timed to coincide with the Malta Air Show. We have a fine 600 metre strip on the South coast of Sicily 54 NM from Malta and near some beautiful baroque towns and beaches, not to mention the filming locations for the famous Montalbano detective series (devotees will spot one of the locations in the flyer photo). It's relaxed flying and the club always makes special efforts to welcome foreign visiting pilots. The food and wine are worth the trip alone! If you want more information, please e mail me on

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Via Granada, 1, 97015
22 Settembre , Venerdì 07:00

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