Seminario con Sainkho Namtchylak a Padova

Sabato 5 e Domenica 6 Maggio 2018 a Padova presso OnOff Spazio Aperto in via Albania 2/B
Seminario intensivo della durata di 2 giorni con la mitica cantante siberiana Sainkho Namtchylak
Sulle tecniche vocali e sull'utilizzo della voce nella meditazione e nella riconnessione della persone nell'antica

tradizione dell'Asia centrale.
Il seminario è rivolto a cantanti, musicisti, attori e a terapeuti, a tutti coloro che sentono esigenza di contattare la propria essenza attraverso la voce.
Solo 30 posti.
Il seminario sarà in lingua inglese e /o russa con traduzione simultanea.
Per informazioni e prenotazioni contattare
Natasha Pirogova
On Off Spazo aperto

Voice praxis- different singing techniques and voice meditation, Practice of purification and reconnection with old Central Asian voicing traditions.
Sainkho Namtchylak:
"In the theory part I will explain about all styles of overtone singing: sigyt, homey, kargyraa ect and main elements, difference. In the practical part will mainly show the method how to develop different level of voice, different styles ID overtone. At the end we will have overtone singing meditation.
Second part of class will be starting again with exercises but focused on throats singing techniques and after short break will be focuse on improvisation with voice and dancing at the same time.The aim Of of this part of practice is to free body and voice, to wait up archaic memory and body intuition, to become more near in to understanding of our inner nature, for to give respect to the shamanistic part of human history, of development and to accomplish all what we learn with inspiration and openness to a new discoveries. Session will be ending with improvisational shaman like dance with voicing sound scape of all group. We can try to add some elements of wordings at the end too on the second day or our work.
We will learn two mantras: healing mantra ( with trying to add overtone singing too) and the mantra for the heart ( with slow tempo in low register of voice) We will learn one song that is inspired by me from tuva traditional music, but I develop and made my version. It has tittle : " The Eagle Dance" Often singers are creating own words and own melodies that are very very near to the tradition, but developed in to the modern forms and the rithm. One of such good examples is " The Dance of Eagle" from my album " Step mother City" In real tradition electronic beats or the melody lines with normal voice and real free improvisation with overtone singing was used before. Only in modern time young generation stared to give their new forms of traditional old overtone singing in to modern dance like compositions. That is why I think this song can be good to learn. It's very very near to the tradition, but it is very modernized and has both elements- overtone singing and normal voice.
Beside all that it is very rhythmical, groovy song. We will first listen to the song all together, drink tea and right down the lyrics of song. It has 5 verses, I will give live translation from Tuva in to English by drinking tea and teaching lyrics at the same time. Practice will show what way is better- just have the tea and then write the lyrics or it can be combined. People can write first the lyrics and then I will explain the translation and give some comments on some specific words, meanings, elements and details of daily live of nomadic culture in Tuva, about modern live in Kyzyl- capital city of Tuva.

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Via Albania 2 bis, 35123
05 Maggio , Sabato 10:00

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