Rome, Italy RCCL Jewel of the Seas September 2-9

Venture to bustling ports in Spain and Italy on a 7-night cruise aboard the Jewel of the Seas®. Start your adventure in the Eternal City of Rome, where you’ll board the ship and set sail for Cannes, France. Walk along the Croisette promenade and discover how the city balances the charms of the Old-World

French Riviera with modern-day life. If you’re feeling lucky, venture along the coast to Monte Carlo and try your hand at one of the city’s famous casinos.

Continue your journey with a stop in Ajaccio, capital of Corsica, and perhaps more notably the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Head to Barcelona, Spain, a seaside town known for its vibrant Catalan culture and the unmistakable architecture of Antoni Gaudi, including Sagrada Familia. Then relax in Palma de Majorca, a picturesque Spanish island loved for its pristine beaches and natural coves.

After spending time in Spain, return to Italy to explore the island of Sardinia. This lovely Mediterranean island offers white sands surrounded by clear waters for the ultimate place to unwind with beach fun. From there, spend a day at sea and disembark back in Rome.

What we love:
• See Rome’s most popular attractions during your time on shore, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon and all the marvels of Vatican City.
• Cannes is perhaps best known for the prestigious international film festival it hosts each year in May.
• International travelers are drawn to Majorca’s lush countryside, diverse culture and ideal diving conditions.

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