Romagna Bike Trail 2018

Terza edizione del Romagna Bike Trail - Unsupported Bicycle Adventure

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Il Romagna Bike Trail è un “Unsupported Bike Adventure”, cioè un’avventura in bicicletta in giro per la Romagna senza alcun tipo di supporto dove l’unico vero vincolo è il rispetto del percorso

fornito sotto forma di traccia Gps.

Ogni partecipante dovrà decidere quando e dove fermarsi a dormire e dovrà essere in grado di occuparsi di eventuali problemi meccanici.

Nell’edizione 2018 il Romagna Bike Trail avrà due percorsi per permettere ai partecipanti di poter pianificare al meglio il trail secondo le proprie esigenze fisiche e di tempo.

Il primo percorso sarà indicativamente di circa 600 km. con un dislivello intorno ai 12.000 D+.
Il secondo percorso sarà indicativamente di circa 350 km. con un dislivello intorno ai 6.500 D+.

In Romagna non ci sono le alte vette alpine o le famose cime delle dolomiti…ma le pendenze sono spesso elevate e i continui saliscendi non vi daranno tregua…


The Romagna Bike Trail is an adventure in complete autonomy and without any type of support, on a mountain bike, up and down the hills of Romagna all the way to the Adriatic sea.

The start will be the 25 of august 2018 from Piazza del Popolo in Ravenna.

In the 2018 edition, Romagna Bike Trail will have two routes to allow people to plan at best their trail accordingly their time and physical conditon.
The first route will be about 600 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 12.000 D+.
The second route will be about 350 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 6.500 D+.

The Romagna Bike Trail is not a race, there is no type of support from the organizers, neither are there any prizes or ranking, but there is an extraordinary opportunity to discover Romagna and its amazing characteristics.

Participants who take on this adventure as a challenge will give their all, over the whole route, trying to complete it in as little time as possible.

The Romagna Bike Trail is a one stage trail, which means that the chronometer starts at the start of the route and it only stops at the finish line.

The Romagna Bike Trail has no time limits.

Each participant will have ample freedom in programming their route schedule, whilst having to follow faithfully the route supplied.

No short cuts of any kind are permitted, and in the event of having to stray from the original route, it must be picked up again from the point where it was left.

Along the route there will be some checks but the real objective of the Romagna Bike Trail is to overcome a personal challenge and so trying to cheat would make no sense.

All participants will have to prove completion of the route by sending their GPS track to the email address which will be communicated at a later date.

Each participant will have to face the trail in total autonomy, they must, therefore, decide when and where to eat and when and where to sleep and they can only use the structures that can be found along the route or in close proximity to it. As already explained, during the days of the challenge, right through to the finishing line, there will be no support from the organizers and participants will have to solve autonomously any inconveniences they might encounter.

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25 Agosto , Sabato 08:00

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