Qùn • 25th of November w/ Bellecour



25th November @Totem Club

House music as we like it



Bellecour is a French House duo formed by Tony Romera and KEELD hailing from Lyon France. Surfacing just this year in 2017 Bellecour has already been pushing their

records on power house labels. Confession is home to the duo having released multip singles, EP's and official remixes for the label already you can see their french connection with the PMF crew is strong. They did not stop there as they got the attention of Heldeep Records as well. Support from many stars like Skrillex, DJ Snake, Oliver Heldens, Tchami, Malaa, Anna Lunoe, and many more has been overwhelming. The 2017 started with a bang for the boys and they plan on more of the same for 2018.

•Complete Line Up:
-Andrea Dp [Real]
-Ale Forte [Qùn]
-Munstac [Never Ready Records (UK)]

[Tech House, Bass House, Deep House, Funky House, Revival House]

Jacopo Poletto Photography

Nicola Cattelan Photography

In lista entro 1.00: 13€ con consumazione
Intero: 15€ con consumazione
Tavoli: dai 20€ con ingresso e servizio riservato

Per info & prenotazioni:
Alberto Miola 3428523823
Nicolò Facco 3472375509
Marco Di Domenicantonio 3429505338
Alessandro Forte 3463359913

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vecchia ferriera 135, 36100
25 Novembre , Sabato 23:30

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