Paganello 2017 - PagaLove

Are you ready for the new PAGANELLO 2017?

Paganello 27th edition, LOVE!!

April 15th-17th
Rimini beach, Italy
Take the opportunity to play with the best Ultimate teams from Europe, US and all over the world!!


PagaLove 2017 is ready to coming out with brand news for you

Get lost in the new PAGALOVE VILLAGE
3 days Tournament (15-17 of April 2017)
Lowest fees ever = even more fun!

Welcome party on Friday night: free food and wine, hot live music and drunken games
Sunset Happy Hour on Saturday at the end of the games
Exclusive Party on Sunday: get your ultimate romantic soul out!
Free Love bar: spot the PagaLove gingle and chase your free drink!

Get married at our PagaLove chapel (our priest of Love is waiting for PAGA couples!)
New Arena’s setting
Finals on the Arena with spectators (feel free to be an ultimate hero)

OPEN = high level testosterone
MIXED = the best combination between male and female power
WOMEN = be the queen of the sand!
JUNIOR = show the gramps how new ultimate generations play!
Junior teams will have their own Paga Love tournament. For more info, please contact us directly at

50 € – without accomodation and without lunches
70€ – with lunches but without accomodation
120€ – with accomodation for 3 nights in a 3*** hotel and lunches
100€ – with accomodation for 3 nights in a 3*** hotel and lunches only for JUNIOR team
Any player can choose one of those fees. NO TEAM FEE IS REQUIRED

Fees as usual include:
Food (meals and snacks)
Free water
Tournament gift
Player card &tickets

Green Paga: all the plastic used at paga is biodegradable. Recycling is a priority!

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Via Lungomare Tintori, 47921
15 Aprile , Sabato 00:00

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