Noetic Leadership: A Powerful New Model for Our Times

Course Description
In the words of Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) CEO Claire Lachance, Noetic Leadership: A Powerful New Model for Our Times can be thought of as where “mystic meets MBA.” How can we best use our inner-knowing in harmony with classical management tools to produce results that are

both successful for our organizations and sustainable for our interconnected world? What can we learn from science to expand our ability to tap into our noetic gifts? To what degree can the integrity of our purpose actually strengthen our innate abilities and thereby affect greater positive impact as leaders? These are all questions explored through the Noetic Leadership program.
Organized around the “Three I’s” of Inner-Knowing, Interconnection, and Integrity, the intensive Noetic Leadership Workshop provides a highly interactive and stimulating learning experience for leaders across a wide range of private and public sectors. The course material is personally delivered by Claire Lachance, who grounds the core concepts in over 40 years of IONS’ scientific research and related principles from the world’s wisdom traditions.
Use your inner-knowing in constructive harmony with objective business tools
Make inner-knowing a systematic part of your leadership life rather than viewing it as a random occurrence
Observe, revisit, and challenge your beliefs and perceptions
Employ the power of personal intention to manifest results
Move from a flat to multi-dimensional view of your leadership ecosystem
Articulate your own unique, multi-dimensional ecosystem as a leader
Optimize the invisible energy that connects us collectively and propels us individually
Understand that our leadership impact is not limited by distance or time
Recognize that the purity of your intentions affects your leadership outcomes
Be clear and unyielding about your higher purpose and intentions
Utilize your higher purpose to foster team coherence
Tap into the power of integrity-based collective visualization to advance success

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