Make Like a Tree at Villa Filanda, Cuorgnè, Italy

Make Like a Tree is a quintessention of travels expressed in music and photography created by Sergey Onischenko - vagabonder from Ukraine who is hitch-hiking round the world and spreading his indie-folk tunes with a touch of non-conformism and Beat Generation ideas and exhibiting his minimalistic landscape

photography taken in omnifarious places during his journeys. Each concert is played with new members and all songs are created and recordered in different parts of the world. Experiments with sounds and collaborations with audience can turn one-man-band in a duo or in quite a large improvising ensemble so be ready to take part in a process of creating music. Sloundscapes of Make Like a Tree will bring you to inner world of nature, woods, mountains and songs of whales on the bottom of the ocean.

Make Like a Tree is a combination of music, photography and videoart that have been created on the road during years of non stop travels around the world.
The progam of the event consists of
Music -
Photography exhibition -
Movie from Japan, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia

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via Piave 7, 10082
04 Maggio , Venerdì 20:00

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