Landscape & Wildlife Painting with Thorgrimur Einarsson

Date: 15-21 Oct, 2018
Location: Tenuta Moriano, Tuscany, Italy
Instructor: Thorgrimur Einarsson

Immerse yourself in the Italian countryside for a week of landscape and wildlife painting. This workshop will focus on various techniques of applying, scraping and manipulating the paints surface and texture.

Thorgrimur will guide you through important topics, such as, color, theory, values, edges and composition. He will show you how these tools all come together to create a finished painting.

Thorgrimur will use demonstrations and discussions to convey to the workshop participants his thought process when painting. The aim of this workshop is to enhance your ability to see nature with an artist's eye, taking inspiration from what's in front of you.

Arriving on Monday October 15th, classes start on Tuesday October 16th and continue to Saturday October 20th, with departure on Sunday October 21st (5 days tuition, 6 nights accommodation).

Location & accommodation
The location for this workshop is Tenuta Moriano, a 17th Century Tuscan estate 14km from the beautiful Renaissance city of Lucca. You can choose between a private room with ensuite, or rooms with shared facilities.

What's included
Five days of tuition, 6 nights accommodation, extra activities (cooking class, wine tasting or pizza night), transfers on the first and last day of the workshop, and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks).

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Via Colle di San Lorenzo, 7, 50025
15 Ottobre , Lunedì 15:00

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