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Authentic Prestigious Countryside Living

Are you looking to indulge the senses in Italian culture?
Do you need a break from the constant “go-go-go”?

Time to re-awaken You by deepening self-connection through endless trees and starry nights. Taking in all the

hues of nature in the magical and incomparable landscape of the Italian Countryside.

According to the world health organization Italy is ranked third of all the places in the world where people live the longest – immerse yourself in this land of longevity – a land, where the people and food speak for itself.

Casa di Latitanza an exclusive hideaway villa situated in the exquisite northern region of Reggio Emilia - where this journey takes place. Experience 360 degree breathtaking panoramic view overlooking the land of Matilde. Easy to get to, yet tucked away from the hustle ‘n bustle. This peace is necessary for recharging and replenishing the mind and body.

While most trips jump from one thing to the other, barely getting a chance to recharge, this one allows you plenty of 'me time' and opportunity for self-care.

Wonderful exciting experiences to be had, the intention and tone of our time is dedicated to slowing down, connecting and building friendships amongst the group – this is true Italian Authentic Living.



● Daily Hiking
● Daily Horseback
● Morning Yoga / Afternoon Meditation
● Private Evening Vegetarian MICHELIN Star Chef

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Reggio nell Emilia
01 Luglio , Domenica 06:00

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