Get Your Dental Ferrari Ready Training

Cost on this course is $2000. I will be present early and we will be getting a group rate for the hotel. I'm happy to meet in the dining room or bar area before the course and the beginning of each day to cover some additional learning for students who want more. Susie Macklem is covering tours after

the course, and I'm happy to set something up prior to the course. I will be arriving on the 30th.

July 2 Monday

Inject toxins and fillers after morning lecture on techniques to perform
John will show how to remove fat from the buccal fat pad or under the chin in the neck and reinject as filler
Practice injections and begin dissection

-July 3 Tuesday

Continue dissection to expose fillers and the anatomy involved
Dissect out anatomy relative to implants, sinus lifts
Practice placing implants and perform sinus lifts
Finish any remaining dissection
Conclusion lectures with Question and Answers in Classroom for all faculty

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02 Luglio , Lunedì 08:00

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