Furnace Course

20 HOURS: 9.00 AM-1.00 PM

Students will learn how to take the glass from the furnace (first removal), how to set the core of the glass object (through marbling and glassblowing), how to then remove it and give a first shape to the vitreous mass, how to prepare a pontello for hanging, turning the glass

for the master, up to the production, first with help then alone, of simple objects like a water glass or a bowl.

The aim is to acquire familiarity with the basic techniques of hot processing of glass and to travel back in time, through the practice of these techniques descended from an ancient tradition, thanks to the continuous oral narration of the most ancient method of glass production.

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Calle Briati 8/b, 30141
22 Ottobre , Lunedì 09:00

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