Damanhur: Rite of the Oracle

Every month on the full moon, Damanhur recreates the Rite of the Oracle, one of its most important ceremonies. Participants experience the beauty and intensity of the full moon's energy. Since 1985, the members of the Way of the Oracle have worked at this deep and dedicated ritual to bring forth messages

from the divine forces. It is the public celebration of the answers channeled throughout the lunar month. The priestesses, called Pythies, lead us in ceremony. During the ritual, a window opens and direct contact is made with all the forces that have been recalled throughout the month.
This is a chance for you to engage with these energies, through which you can capture and interpret a private message for yourself, in addition to transmissions for all shared by the Oracle voice. Individuals and groups worldwide have requested a response from this precious source of inspiration and insight, receiving valuable information for practical and spiritual growth.

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Via Pramarzo 3, Baldissero Canavese, 10080
28 Giugno , Giovedì 20:30

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