Call for Admission to the MSc in Cognitive Science

The Master’s course in Cognitive Science leads to the Master’s degree in Cognitive Science (laurea magistrale), whose aim is to provide students with advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in cognitive neuroscience and computational linguistics through an interdisciplinary approach to the

study of the mind-brain system. Two characteristic features of this programme are: a close relationship between teaching and research practices, and a constant interplay between biology-based and technology-based explorations of the human mind and brain as well of the human ability to communicate through natural language.

The Master's course in Cognitive Science is entirely offered in English. Students choose between two tracks:
Cognitive Neuroscience (CN)
Language and Multimodal Interaction (LMI)

The Master's course is part of a joint program with the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati di Trieste (SISSA) and of the Erasmus Mundus Program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT). It also offers a double degree program with Osnabrück University. It supports student exchanges with various EU prestigious universities in the cognitve science and computational linguistics field.

Ideal applicants are highly motivated individuals holding a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and fluent in the English language. Students will be selected based on their academic achievement, strength of their intellectual and working ability, motivation and interest in the field, and recommendation letters. We are open to candidates from any academic background.

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