Bass Therapy 6 - Dennis CAPRA feat Danman - 8 Dicembre

Dopo la 1° superserata andata alla grandissima torniamo con il 2° appuntamento !!
Questa volta avremo come ospiti un produttore italiano, ma residente in Spagna," Dennis Capra " accompagnato al microfono da un grande mc originario dalla Jamaika ma residente in Inghilterra.

Per la prima volta su Wavedub


Born in Napoli, South Italy, in the music business since 2005 as collector vinyl records and mc rub a dub entertainer. In 2010 founded the 48 Roots Sound System in Bolonia and warm up the dances for artists as Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Jah Observer, Fatman, Saxon, Channel One just to name a few. In 2012 founded his own label Capra Records and till 2015 had a program for Dub Force Radio. Leave Italy and his sound system in 2015 to move his studio and activity in Spain. Actually the Capra Records is a studio and a record shop based in Valencia, Spain and is a distributor of labels as his Kapra Dubplates and Kapra Sound. His music is distributed all over the world and played by the legend of the sound system culture as Jah Shaka and Channel One. Dennis Capra played in Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Greece, Austria, France, Switzerland, Portugal. . Dennis Capra is a dub master, producer, MC toaster DJ, selector use to play live on the mixer all the discography between his labels lots of unreleased and released tunes live and direct in 8 separate tracks with echoes and reverb and his inimitable style at microphone.

Claston Brooks, stage name Dan Man A.K.A. SUNNY VOICE is a veteran musician and singer who has covered the music scene on a local, regional national and international basis for over 20 years.

Born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, he migrated to the UK in 1967 at the tender age of 11. The first stop in the UK for the young artist was London, where he lived and attended the Slay Brook High School in Harlsden, for 4 years before moving to Huddersfield and finished schooling at Fartown High. Dan man played bongo drums for revival church in Jamaica, during his childhood and is no new comer, when it comes to music.

However it wasnt until 1995 that he got his first experience of working in a recording studio. Upon enquiring about an advertisement, he was given the opportunity to record two of his own tracks free of charge, in a recording studio at the Hudawi Centre in Huddersfield. One of the songs recorded during Dan Mans first studio experience, placed him in third place in a Talent Competition, held at the Deighton Centre, Huddersfield in 1995. Yorkshire Television captured the particular show on camera and a video has been made as a result. In late 90s Dan Man met Andy Black from Big Noise Productions, Yorkshire UK and recorded a number of tracks with him over a few years.

Iration Steppaz Sound System was the next adventure for Dan Man and this adventure has lead to the releasing of the artist's first 10-inch vinyl, entitled Too Much War (the flipside was "what's wrong" by YT). Other releases from Dan Man include "Jah Love" on Temper Records, "The Supply," a collaboration with dancehall artist Bongo Chilli on Bassrunner Productions and "Move Baby Groove," which is a collaboration with Bongo Chilli & D. Bo General. "Move Baby Groove" is featured on Bongo Chilli's debute album entitled "Real Musician."

Dan Man is still working with Iration Steppaz and together they have been touring Europe, performing in Countries including Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Belgium. He also works closely with The Rootsman (Third eye music, Bradford, UK) and Abdul (Celtic Islam Production, Huddersfield UK).

N0w in 2010 Dan Man has been working in partnership with dancehall artist Bongo Chilli and helped him to launch 'Bongo Chilli records'. He works jointly with Bongo Chilli, facilitating a number of music workshops in schools and at community based projects around the UK. Dan Man is also one of the front men for Underground Roots Soundsystem.


Come al solito la serata è svolta al csa Arcadia di schio
e sarà amplificata dal nostro potente soundsystem autocostruito.
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Venerdì 8 Dicembre - CSA ARCADIA - SCHIO


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Via Lago di Tovel 18, 36015
08 Dicembre , Venerdì 22:00

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