Audimozart! - International Competition 2018

Rovereto (TN), May 26 – June 9, 2018
Audimozart! 2010

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The Italian Mozart Association hereby announces the ninth International Competition for the performance of Mozart’s concerts for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and orchestra so as to highlight the most talented young performers worldwide.
Participation is open to musicians of all nationalities who were born after 1 st January 1988. No music academy diploma is required.
The competition will take place in Rovereto (TN) from 26th May to 9th June 2018
Those wishing to participate should fill in the enclosed form and send it to:
Via della Terra, 48
38068 ROVERETO (TN)-ItalyNB. Applications must be received no later than 5 th May 2018
Together with the application form, please enclose, as a non-refundable registration fee, either a copy of an electronic bank transfer to:
Italy-Associazione Mozart AUDIMozart
Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara-venue of Rovereto-
IBAN IT81-B-05034-20800-000000003141
SWIFT BAPPIT21067or a crossed cheque payable to: Associazione Mozart Italia – AUDIMozart! for €130.00 (one hundred and thirty Euro).Also please note that you should enclose photographs (one passport size and one full body) and your Curriculum Vitae either in Italian or in English.
The Inscription must be sent in advance by e-mail at Registration will be valid only after receipt of the bank transfer and with full documentation.

The draw to determine the competitors’ order of appearance will take place on 12th May, at 6:00 pm, in our office at 48, Via della Terra.
The drawn letter will apply to every single instrument.As of 14th May, all competitors may enquire about the day of their appearance:
– by phone: ++39/0464/422719
– by e-mail:
The competition consists of three rounds for each instrument: preliminary, semi-finals, final
The preliminary rounds are based on the performance of the first movement of a Mozart concerto chosen by the competitor, accompanied by piano. The pianist is the official accompanist of the competition.
No more than 12 competitors for each instrument will be admitted to the semi-finals. This round will consist of the performance of the second and third movements of the same Mozart concerto chosen by the competitor, always accompanied by piano.
No more than 3 competitors for each instrument will be selected for the final round, which consists of the performance of the same entire concerto, with piano accompaniment.
The preliminary and semi-final rounds will be judged by a specific limited Jury appointed by Associazione Mozart Italia. The final rounds will be evaluated by the general jury, which is made up of all the specific united Juries.
At the end of each final exam the winners of the prizes for the specific instrument will be announced. The competition will conclude with a gala concert with the Orchestra Giovanile Trentina, with the participation of the five first prize winners, or, in case of no 1st prize winners, 2 nd ot 3rd prize winners depending on the decision of the Jury
The first prize winners will be awarded € 1,500 (one thousand five hundred euros); the second prize winner will be awarded € 800 (eight hundred euros); the third prize winner will be awarded € 500 (five hundred euros).Concerts Awards for the competition winnersThe Mozart Association Italy (Rovereto national headquarters), will invite the five competition winners to perform (on condition that they agree to participate) at four concerts which will be organized in September 2019.
Other concerts will be organized.

– Sächsische Mozart-Gesellschaft e.V.
– Chemnitz (Deutschland), 2019 Season;
– The ‘Montreal Chamber Orchestra’ will invite a competition winner of their choice to perform in a concert in their Concert Season 2019;
– The Auditorium of the Aldobrandini Stables in Frascati (Rome), will invite a competition winner of their choice to perform as part of a concert sponsored by the Institution Artis Music Collegium concert season in 2019-2020.
-Firenze, Italian Brass Week will invite a competition winner (horn) to perform in a concert in their Concert Season 2019 Further concerts may be organized. The names of the five winners will also be made known as soloists to all Italian orchestras and orchestras of various other Nations. By September 2018 the Mozart Association will communicate any engagements.

All participants must pay for their own travel and accommodation costs to/from and during their stay in Rovereto.
The competition schedule is as follows:
Saturday 26th May – flute preliminary
Sunday 27th May – flute semi-finalMonday 28th May – bassoon preliminary
Tuesday 29th May – bassoon semi-finalWednesday 30th May – horn preliminary
Thursday 31th May – horn semi-final
Friday 1st June – oboe preliminary
Saturday 2nd June – oboe semi-final

Sunday 3rd June – clarinet preliminary (day 1)
Monday 4th June – clarinet preliminary (day 2)

Tuesday 5th June – clarinet semi-final
Wednesday 6th June – horn and flute finals with piano
Thursday 7th June – oboe and bassoon finals with piano
Friday 8th June – clarinet finals with piano

Saturday 9th June – Gala concert of the five winners, with the Orchestra Giovanile Trentina in Rovereto – Sala Filarmonica

All pieces must be played by heart in each round. Competitors are advised to use the Ur – text edition.
By signing the application form for this competition, competitors thereby accept the competition rules. The decisions of the Jury will be final and without the right to appeal. In the event of any doubts arising from translation into foreign languages, only the text in Italian will be valid.
Address: Mozart Association Italy
Via della Terra, 48
-38068 Rovereto (TN)
Phone: + 39 0464 422,719
Fax: + 39 0464 422,719

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Palazzo Diamanti - Via della Terra 48, 38068
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