Atomic Mold, Haram, Corona Diver, Mongoose

Sabato 16 dicembre dalle sonorità grasse!

Live con:
Atomic Mold [stoner / Verona]
stoner band from Verona (Italy) formed in January 2014 by Antonio Bonizzato (bass / vocals), Luca Massela (guitar) and Marco Fila (Battery). The sound offering is mostly instrumental, choleric, psychedelic, with some

invasion voice, which fits, hysterically, granite in the notes, which do not leave live a moment of respite, from the vibrations that the band exudes.

Haram [sludge / Torino]
This projet is meant to deconstruct music-above all metal-and be very loud. All of us are bored by the structures, the precision, the predictability, the arrangement. we are tired of it and we try to get as far as we can from this sick shit!!! We look for sound, we look for few note, we scream, we regress,cause everything it s far too complex around us in this world.

Corona Diver [progressive grunge / Rosenheim (D)]
Corona Diver is acting inbetween the appearance (corona) of a great existing big picture, trying to dive into this corona with every single song. Each self-composed song takes the audience on a trip crossing the modern rock-genres. The sound is born by dodgy drum-bass rhythm, accompanied with psychedelic synth-sounds, enlivened by catchy guitar-melodies and is finally reaching its full power through the distinctive voice.
The music invites to follow and is claiming a certain empathy to carry yourself away at the same time - caused by the fast changes of several parts. So come on, dive into the corona and enjoy your trip!

Mongoose [stoner rock / Verona]
60's - 70's heavy stoner rock from 2014.

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Via Sant’Antonio 34, 35044
16 Dicembre , Sabato 21:00

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