68th AIEST Conference of Ideas 2018 in Treviso

68th AIEST Conference of Ideas 2018 in Treviso, Italy
26th August (evening) - 30th August 2018 (morning)

The International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST) is calling for academic and practitioners contributions for

Stream of Discussion 1: Business models for sustainable growth

in tourism

Stream of Discussion 2: Co-creating tourism experiences: chances, frontiers and limitations

Stream of Discussion 3: AIEST's Advances in Tourism Research: Perspectives of Actors, Institutions and Systems.

Participants from different scientific disciplines and tourism related industries are invited to contribute to the following major sub-streams of discussions:

Actors behaviour, focusing on behavioural issues of consumers, management, politicians, etc;
Institutional settings, focusing on topics such as entrepreneurship and innovation, cooperation and strategic alliances, ITC and productivity led-growth, structural change in leading tourism relevant industries, etc;
Systemic perspective, focusing on topics such as the analysis of the market forces, marketing management of destinations, tourism promotion and policies, management of tourism related resources, sustainable development in tourism, regulation and governance of places, etc.

Conference fee
AIEST member: 600 EUR per person

Non-member: 750 EUR per person

This price includes within the time frame of the conference

All conference activities, technical excursions, social events;
Full board incl. alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (Wine and beer);
IMPORTANT: Accommodation is not included however will be available. Two Hotels are at short walking distance from the venue of the conference and the historical centre: Hotel Carlton and Hotel Continental, that you can book directly contacting incoming@marcatreviso.it

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Via Sebastiano Venier, 55, 31100
26 Agosto , Domenica 15:00

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